I’m currently a final year medical student at the Hull York Medical School situated in the United Kingdom. I have just returned to medicine after taking a year out to study Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Materials (iBSc) for which I have obtained a First. Previous to this I have played an active role in teaching remedial classes to the lower years in biology, physiology and anatomy. In addition I have been drumming for 10 years and have also been teaching students privately and in groups, which have helped me to hone my teaching skills, cultivating those that work and discarding ineffective techniques. I find that teaching helps cement my own knowledge and that one has to truly understand something to be able to teach it. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and sharing knowledge.


Before joining university I was very interested and still am in electronics and technology. I was lucky enough to have been awarded Young Engineer of Britain, two years in a row, for my inventions, Drum Lights and Drum Trousers! 5 Years ago I started Medical school at the University of York. Outside academic studies, my greatest interest has to be music. I have been drumming for the past 10 years and continue to do so. I’ve been in various bands over the past years but am currently teaching myself how to DJ and hope to play at a few venues in the future! I also enjoy playing a lot of sports namely racket sports. Before starting university I played badminton for Yorkshire (county) and would regularly play tennis for the local club.



I have spent the last 4 years studying the biology of the human body

Health and Medicine

I have spent the last 4 years learning about health, disease, treatment and management